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GreeneHead did a wonderful job on our renovation and we couldn’t be happier. They really maintained the character and tied into the original craftsmanship of our near 100 year old house. The new looks like it was always there. Great attention to detail and craftsmanship, especially the carpentry!
When one of our disabled clients needed help, Greenehead stepped up. They generously donated their time and knowledge to build a wheelchair ramp for a senior who could not afford it on her own. Now, her entire family has reported that the home feels safer and easier to enjoy. Thank you Greenehead for helping our low income neighbors age in place with dignity!
We have a home in the City of Decatur and had difficulty finding a contractor that was communicative, offered quality work and fairly priced. I found Greenehead Construction from a web search. I hadn’t heard of them and didn’t know anyone personally that used them, but I liked the website so I gave them a call. When I met Jennifer and Marc the co-owners, I knew I could trust these people. We contracted them for a complete kitchen renovation, new entryway, portico and first floor rehab. Even though COVID-19 hit us mid stream. We adapted and they finished on time, under budget and with a quality of work that is above and beyond my very critical eye. I can say enough about them. They are the simply the best!
I needed my garage staircase totally rebuilt to bring it up to code for my ADU build. I had a number of other companies come out who suggested solutions that did not fully address the issues, or who gave me quotes way outside my budget. When Jennifer saw the staircase she had a solution that made sense right away. It made such a difference to have someone think through the problem instead of just take an order. They fixed the entire staircase quickly and for a great price. In addition, they built a custom closet for us that we are very happy with. I would highly recommend Greenehead. They are very knowledgeable and their carpentry work was very precise, sturdy, and beautifully done.
Greenehead Construction all the way! They were the best! Their price comes in on the higher side but they were right on budget and finished right on time! They were professional, friendly and did a fabulous job. They have the highest quality craftsmanship around.
Highly recommend Greenehead Construction.They did a great job and focus on work in the neighborhood. We had a major renovation (kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, living room, etc.) for which we hired a designer separately, but also worked with Greenehead on a smaller deck reno and some structural work that we just discussed with them. They gave great practical advice in both instances.
We are in the process of selling our current house (under contract now). Wanted to send you guys a huge THANK YOU because we have gotten so many compliments about our porch and bathrooms. Our realtor says we are getting every penny we spent back in the sale as the porch in particular totally transformed our house. He was also very impressed with your work and the details so we passed on your name to him (hope that’s ok). So thank you for doing such an amazing job on our old house – we have been spending most of the daylight hours out on our porch during the pandemic and will miss it (and my bathtub) very much.
We’ve used Greenehead for two large home renovation projects and couldn’t be happier with them. They are very responsive, stick to schedule and stay within the agreed budget. Both of our renovations were in older homes and Greenehead did a wonderful job maintaining the original character of the house while upgrading to modern amenities. We would highly recommend them.
We recently completed a home expansion/renovation with Greenehead Construction and we can’t recommend them highly enough! The project itself went very smoothly (apart from Permitting issues, which were outside of their control) and we are absolutely thrilled with the results. Jennifer managed the communications and logistical/administrative aspects throughout, keeping us well informed of crucial aspects, like when decisions were needed, and she managed overall expectations nicely. Marc provided great onsite management and kept all crews and phases on target. As a whole, they delivered the project on time, on budget and we have the house we envisioned. Jennifer and Marc are a great team and you would be very well served to use them for any projects you may have.
Great work! On time, in budget and the cleanest construction site I’ve ever seen. They do meticulous work and I would highly recommend to anyone. Do a lot of work on historic houses and know how to deal with older structures (nothing is plumb, uneven floors, etc.)
There are truly no words to thank you for what you have done for me, but because I’m a recovering lawyer I can’t help but try to say something. Your level of professionalism is incomparable! You were on top of every detail at all times and pushed everyone to somehow get this all done on schedule. What you’ve created for me is a thing of true beauty that I will cherish every day for the rest of my life and I appreciate you more than you can imagine. The fact that you are so accomplished allowed me to sit back and experience no stress through these many months–AFTER the boulder debacle :). From the bottom of my heart you have my undying thanks.
I highly recommend Greenehead Construction without hesitation! I was so happy and grateful to have had the chance to work with Jennifer and Marc as I had heard horror stories about builders from friends and family. I interviewed several builders and actually waited six months to begin my project until Greenhead was available. They impressed me as they were very organized and gave me a timeline of when I needed to make decisions. Since I travel for business and have a busy schedule this gave me peace of mind. There are many decisions to make with a remodel and they both helped guide my decisions so that I made the right choices for my remodel. Their workers were reliable, did quality work, and cleaned up after themselves. I call Marc the house-whisper as he can fix anything! And if anything needed tweaking or redoing, it was never a problem to get it fixed in a prompt and hassle-free manner. I am delighted with the work they have done for me and I love my new house!
Thank you Jennifer and Marc so much for your professionalism, approachability, and beautiful craftmanship! Please also thank all of your subs on our behalf; we recognize they could make/break a good experience with any renovation project so we don’t take their attention to detail, cleanliness, and timeliness for granted.
Marc and Jennifer, Thanks to both of you for the awesome work you did on our house. We’re so pleased with the finished product on so many levels. From start to finish you guys were top notch. We liked working with you at the outset of the project and still like having worked with you. You’re going to be included on an email to friends and neighbors, inviting them to a porch party to celebrate the completion of the project.
Thanks so much to both of you for patiently answering all of my questions along the way. My initial instincts about your company were correct and it has been a pleasure to have you work for us. You’re good people and do good work. I was also impressed with the guys who did a lot of the work/painting. I definitely recommend your business!
I hired Greenhead to do a major renovation on a home we purchased in December of 2015. We had just renovated another house, which took 2 years to complete and also took a decade off my life because of how stressful and chaotic the process was. I reached out to Marc and Jennifer because my realtor told me they were the best contractors in the city. She was right. From the beginning, this dynamic duo did everything differently from all of the other contractors we have worked with. They told me what to expect from the start, they suggested that I hire an architect, they detailed every cost to the penny and kept me updated on everything that was spent or allocated from day 1. This was enormously helpful in managing my budget. They are also consummate professionals. Jennifer was always responsive, no matter how many emails I wrote with questions or new “ideas”. They wrote back and gently persuaded me to consider my budget and gave me several options that fit within said budget. A less worthy contractor would have been happy to throw money at all of my so called ideas. But Marc and Jennifer are not in this game to cheat home owners. They are genuinely interested in building beautiful homes and making the process as easy as possible for the home owner. One or both of them were on site almost every day to make sure things were moving along. And from start to finish, it took exactly 5 months to complete a whole house renovation that included a new roof, 2 new bathrooms and a whole house gut. And we came in exactly on budget. If you are renovating a home, there is no other contractor that is going to be as honest, hardworking or professional as Greenehead. They are AMAZING at what they do!
Thanks so much! I have to say GreeneHead made it very easy and their attention to detail is fantastic. Much better than mine. We love the house and everything they completed. Please use us as a reference.
My wife Ann and I have nothing but praise for the excellent professional work Marc and Jennifer have done for us on two occasions, the conversion of a deck into a covered porch, and the complete renovation of our master bath. In both instances they showed themselves to be highly skilled, knowledgeable, experienced professionals who communicated with us appropriately every step of the way, did what was promised on time, consulted with us thoughtfully on the many small details, and were simply a pleasure to work with. And we can say the same for their subcontractors, all of whom were highly skilled, professional, courteous, trustworthy, and friendly. Marc and Jennifer have our highest, unreserved recommendation, and we would turn to them again without hesitation.
How many people do you know who still love their contractors after a six month project? I still love my contractors after our six month project (which they finished early!). Marc and Jennifer took off the roof of our 1928 bungalow, built a second story, remodeled our kitchen and built a patio at our home in Candler Park. They do great work, are professional, thorough, trustworthy and responsive. I recommend them for any project, big or small.
Marc and Jennifer are two of the most meticulous people I have ever met and I make it a point to refer them to people everywhere — grocery stores, parks, and even public restrooms. I am a bit of a Greenehead zealot. Before I chose contractor for the renovation of our 90 year old bungalow, I researched my options, met with contractors, and gathered proposals. You’ll notice that Marc & Jennifer will answer your email in a very timely manner, which I found to be a rarity amongst those in the profession. Next, you’ll get a wonderfully detailed proposal, which will stand out from the riffraff contractors who throw out numbers seemingly out of thin air. On a side note, one unnamed contractor gave me a post-it with “80k” written on it. Finally, you’ll appreciate that these two are adamant rule followers, which is a quality you want in someone who works in construction. No, they won’t forgo getting the building permit. No, they aren’t the cheapest, but that’s because they do things right!
Marc and Jennifer were so easy to work with. They were responsive, fielded our thousands of questions with ease, really listened to what we wanted and had great input into the many, many decisions we had to make. Our newly renovated kitchen and master suite truly matches the style of our 1920’s Bungalow, yet looks superbly updated. We’ve recommended Greenehead to several of our friends.
We wanted to thank you for the fantastic work GreeneHead has done on our house. We are so proud to show friends and family our updated master bath and kitchen. It’s been immeasurably great to work with someone who is not only timely but gives smart advice regarding design. Thanks for going the extra step in helping us sell our house too!
GreeneHead Construction is professional, easy to work with, fair priced, and they provide good quality work. We have used GreeneHead for several projects around our house including a garage apartment, a massive kitchen renovation, and an extension of our guest bedroom. Each project we were extremely, and still are after a few years, happy with the work they accomplished. We look forward to working with them again on our next remodeling project.
Rod and I are thoroughly enjoying our porch – even in the really hot weather! And it is delightful during a rain shower. We have supper out there almost every evening and have had several family gatherings as well. So, many thanks again for your excellent work. We would be happy for you to stop by sometime to see it with furniture – it truly is an elegant space!
Jennifer and Marc of GreeneHead Construction added a “great” room on the back of my 1940s home. They took particular attention to details in the construction so that the room would match the brick, style, etc. of my home. They supervised their subcontractors and completed the construction in the time estimated and did an exceptional job, both inside and out. In addition, they re-roofed my whole house, installed a paved driveway, supervised the addition of a remote-controlled gate, added a granite retaining wall and installed a brick parking pad in the rear of my backyard. I have recommended them to other people and will continue to do so, and will be happy to speak with anyone about their craftsmanship, dependability, etc. They are exceptional, also, in the fact that they do WHAT they say they will do WHEN they say they will do it.
Trusty, reliable, personable, responsive, and they do excellent work. We hired GreeneHead to do a major design and build of a kitchen for our basement apartment three years ago and have since turned to them for countless other projects, big and small. We couldn’t be happier with all the work they have done for us.
After Marc Craighead and Jennifer Greene finished my basement project, I offered to be a reference for them because I was so pleased with their work. They handled almost every aspect of finishing my 1000 square foot basement and the result was nothing short of excellent. I highly recommend them.
Marc and Jennifer are a pleasure to work with. They are prompt, accurate and do quality work, from project initiation to completion they make sure everything is done to satisfaction.
Greenehead Construction worked with me to complete my bathroom within my limited budget while achieving a great look. They took time to discuss my options and helped me get a sense of costs. They are very timely, responsive via email or phone. Marc volunteered to come out a week later to follow up on any concerns I had after the project was done and took care of everything that day. Furthermore, they gave me advice on lighting free of charge and recommended an electrician to work with. My lighting came out great. I would definitely recommend Jennifer and Marc to friends and family.


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